Complete CASA Course

The Casa Course provides basic knowledge and foundation skills which is essential to the child’s personal development necessary for them to adjust to the new world they are in being first timers in school.

The Casa Course also enables the child first hand experiences in academics, culture, science and practical life. Socialization takes a big share to afford the child the opportunity to establish positive relationship with people other than the family members.

Junior Casa

3 Years Old

Senior Casa

4 Years Old

Advanced Casa

5 Years Old

Complete Elementary Course

The Elementary Course provides learning experiences which further develop the skills acquired in Casa.

These learning experiences form the child holistically in the various aspects of human development: social, spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical.

The course also inculcate in the child the virtues of responsibility, personal discipline, and respect for one’s self and others. The child learns to think critically and creatively in responding to real life situations. The basic curriculum and its core learning areas adhere to DepEd’s policies and instructions.


Grade I

Amethyst6 years old

Grade II

Ruby7 years old

Grade III

Garnet8 years old

Grade IV

Emerald9 years old

Grade V

Sapphire10 years old

Grade VI

Diamond11 years old



* Computer Lesson (Senior Casa – Grade 6)

Computer Course

Computers are being used regularly these days and gaining computer knowledge is the need of time. We believe that students should be prepared with the basic understanding of computers, its functions and applications.

At John Shannon Montessori, we know the importance of computer as a useful tool for improving our student’s creativity and academic achievements.

How do our students become computer literate?

Our computer literacy program provides the students with hands-on lessons from opening the computer, naming each part and identifying their different functions, running and using programs, typing and editing documents, browsing the web,  searching for information, make friends through chatting, sending emails and even building their own personal websites.

MIH (Multiple Intelligence Hour)

Multiple Intelligence Hour aims to give the children the opportunities and best experiences that will allow them to showcase their talents in the fields of music, art and dances. Children hone their respective talents and are provided with venues to express them and be recognized as performers.

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