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John Shannon Montessori is a fully accredited K-12 Private School in Paranaque City for (Junior Casa and Senior Casa), Kinder to Grade 6. -learn more about our Virtual Course Offering.

Kinder Pearl - SY 2020 - 2021

Grade 6 Diamond - SY 2020 - 2021

JSM's Virtual Celebration Videos - SY'20-'21

Virtual UN Celebration

Virtual Halloween / Cosplay

Virtual Lighting of Christmas Tree

We would like to express our gratitude for being part of JSM Online Classes SY 2020-2021. Thank You Shannonians!

FAQ'S (Frequently Ask Questions)

What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning (sometimes called e-Learning), classes are conducted online in remote locations, where the teachers and learners do not have to meet in person and without setting foot on the school.

FAQ No. 1. What Learning Management System (LMS) will be used?

Kinder to Grade 6 students will use Google Classroom and other Google Apps for Education (G-Suite Tools) such as Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Google Forms, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sites and YouTube.

Attend/Manage Classes Easily

Students will attend classes using Google Classroom and Meet, answer assignments and quizzes using Google Forms, Docs and Slides.

Students Communicate Easily

Students will communicate with their teachers using Gmail, video chat using Meet and ask questions using Google Hangout.

Students Collaborate Anywhere

Students will collaborate/edit Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Jamboard and Drive in real time.

FAQ No. 2 . Who are we going to contact for problems with LMS?

You may send an email to:

FAQ No. 3. What are the Student’s requirements for Distance Learning?

Laptop/Desktop PC

  • at least Quad Core processor with 4GB installed memory

  • Headphone with Mic (recommended)

  • Internet Connection (Fixed Fibr or DSL connection (recommended) or WIFI Modem (prepaid/postpaid)

  • Email Address (to be provided by the school)


  • Google Chrome browser (recommended)


If there’s no Laptop/Desktop available, please provide Android or any Smartphone with at least 5” - 6” LCD screen display with:

    • working built-in camera

    • access to Google Play

USB Flash Drive (to be submitted to the school)

    • parents are asked to provide a Flash Drive so teachers can store pre-recorded lessons just in-case students can't attend online classes due to poor or no internet connection.

FAQ No. 4 . Are they going to use Physical Books?

  • Kinder to Grade 6 - combination of Physical Books, PDF Worksheets and other online exercises.

FAQ No. 5 . How are they going to be Graded?

  • Students will be graded based on Formative- given after the lesson (quiz) and Summative assessment-given at the end of an instructional unit. (Quarterly Test)

FAQ No. 6 . Will there be a Performance Task?

  • Yes, a student may be ask to perform a task they may be done individually or collaboratively in small groups via online.

FAQ No. 7 . Will my child's Attendance be Checked?

  • Yes, the adviser and all subject teachers will check the attendance of each student during the online meeting.

FAQ No. 8 . What Grading System will be used?

  • Grading will be based on assessment results. The computation of grades will be based on the updated Deped's grading system for this school year.

FAQ No. 9 . How do parents, teachers, and students' communicate?

  • Each grade level has its own Grade level Portal where parents can have access to class schedule, syllabus, assignments, student’s e-portfolio, pre-recorded video lessons.

  • Parents can also chat with the adviser regarding their child's progress using Google Hangouts.

FAQ No. 10 . Are there any Parents Orientation?

  • Yes, the Parents' Virtual Orientation (Old and New Students) is on July 21, 2021 via Google Meet.

FAQ No. 11 . Are there any Dry Run classes for students?

  • Yes, the Dry Run of online classes for ALL LEVELS is on July 23, 2021, students will be notified regarding their schedule of dry run classes via email that will be provided by the school.

-FAQ No. 12 . Are there any Classroom-like setup for students at home and do they need to wear school uniform?

  • No, but as much as possible, find a comfortable place in your house so students can work effectively and quietly and comfortable clothing with sleeves are allowed.